Our values

HAENNI Instruments Inc. is a leading supplier of mobile scales for police weight control of heavy vehicles worldwide. Whenever it comes to weighing in roadside and monitoring, HAENNI offers the best solution (efficiency, reliability, rentability) in the area of weight control. Our mission is to provide efficient and economical solutions to the police heavyweight monitoring. Mobility is very important for us: it will be weighed wherever the load is. As part of the Baumer Group we operate according to the following principles:

Easy in all

"Smart" and "intelligent" solutions must not always be technically complicated systems.  HAENNI offers simple system-technical solutions, which are also much less susceptible to operational failures. An investment in HAENNI products is worthwhile, as the running costs are easily to calculate. If despite this, anything is defective, we will respond quickly and easily.

Constantly improve

We are actively committed to the continuous improvement of processes and products. Your concerns and problems motivate us to constantly develop better solutions and products. Our minimum target product lifespan is 10 years. To achieve this, strict guidelines are adhered to in the development and analysed in a timely manner all weaknesses in production and the fastest corrected, if possible.

Communicate openly

We make honest products that deliver what they promise. Inaccurate specifications,  products that are not suitable for the application and lack of information are not how “we do things”. We strive to offer the best solution for every application. In the Solutions and products section you will find all the information you need for the daily use of HAENNI products. If this is insufficient, please contact the regional partners in confidence.

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