Tradition meets High Tech
Founded in 1919, Haenni & Cie AG was originally known for pressure gauges and manufacturing fittings. The first wheel load scales emerged in the early seventies. The craft and the technical sophistication of this time are still reflected in the products. In addition to the traditional hydro-mechanical systems, hybrid systems have been built with digital display and battery operation over time. In the latest generation,  a new, patented spring element has been developed which sets new standards in the field of portable wheel load scales. 

Time travel through the history of HAENNI


2018 - Start of production type WL 400

First strip sensor for mobile use.


2017 - Start of production type WL 108

Improved model of WL 103


2011 - New company building

Move into the new building in Kirchberg.


2007 - Production start type WL 104

First fully electronic scale from HAENNI.


2005 - Takeover by the Baumer Group

An international family business with a passion for sensor technology, encoders, measuring instruments as well as components for automated image processing takes over HAENNI.


1995 - Start of production type WL 103

First model with digital display (hybrid technology, electrohydraulic)


1990 - ISO 9001 Certification

The certification ISO 9001 is successfully completed.


1986 - Start of production type WL 101

Improved model of WL 100


1977 - Patent granted and start of series production of the type WL 100

Analog, mechanical with pointer


1974 - First patent

Registered for "force measuring device" and production of the first wheel load scales


1919 - Foundation of Haenni & Cie AG

Manometer- & fittings factory

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