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  • HAENNI Scales have a proven

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  • Heavy loads, poor roads.


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  • Every single scale is a hand

    made masterpiece

  • More than 45000 scales

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Save time and money by using HAENNI wheel load scales for mobile weight enforcement

Since 1974, we have provided portable wheel load scales for determining the weight of heavy vehicles. We sell our wheel load scales worldwide through our own companies and qualified agencies. 

The HAENNI brand stands for years of reliability, longevity, personal service and the best wheel load scales on the market. The unique and patented measurement systems give the HAENNI wheel load scales unmatched accuracy and acceptance in the world market place.

Features of HAENNI wheel load scales

The HAENNI wheel load scales are light and are also the thinnest on the market. The weight of a standard scale is around 17 kg. A complete set (2 scales, processing unit, cabling and levelling mats) are below 100 kg. The HAENNI wheel load scales are insensitive to uneven surfaces, to ambient conditions and to temperature. They have a wide temperature range of -20 ... 60 ° C. The HAENNI wheel load scales have a large "active" measuring surface. New wheel load scales are fully traversable. 

Because the HAENNI wheel load scales are overload protected, they live long. The first wheel load scale with serial # 1 is still in operation! If despite this, anything is defective, the component can be easily replaced.

Worldwide distribution

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