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Wheel Load Scale WL 104

The Newcomer: The "All In One" - scale for every application

Unbeatable large active area, which allows to seamlessly string together several scales. From dynamic to static or pre-selection for legal weight controls, WL 104 has it all. Most modern fieldbus technology ensures fast and reliable data transfer to the evaluation unit. Certified to OIML R76 class 4 OIML R134 (country specific possible).

The wheel load scale WL 104 for measuring wheel and axle loads on pneumatic tires at standstill or while driving up to 20 km/h.

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Description: Mobile static/dynamic wheel load scale
Range: 0...10 t
Accuracy: OIML R 76 class 4
Speed: 0...20 km/h
Weight: 20 kg
Platform height: 17 mm