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Rapports téchniques

Influence of the Gradient of the Weighing Site

The formulas for the dependence between indicated weight and the gradient of the weighing site are deduced and presented in the form of a graph.

Technical Paper P1094_E

General Guide for accurate weighing with portable scales

The possible sources of error are listed and hints are given how to increase the over all accuracy of the weighing result.

Technical Paper P1196_E

Sources of Error in Dynamic Weight Measurement

This is an article written for the Traffic Technology International magazine in 1997.

Technical Paper P1215_E

Evaluation des facteurs influencant la précision du system WIM

Ce papier a été présenté à la deuxième conférence WIM de COST 323 à Lisboa 1998.

Rapport téchnique P1216_F

Efficient Weight Enforcement with HAENNI Scales

This paper covers all political, legal, technical and practical issues of weight enforcment.

Technical Paper P1217_E