Sometimes, less is more!

Less weight...more comfort...easier to handle!

Your benefit: Costs savings for less personal and smaller car.

Less sensitive to the weather…!

Your benefit: Reliable measurements at any weather conditions. Only HAENNI wheel load scales are OIML certified from -20 to +60 degrees Celsius.

Less efforts to accommodate double wheels...!

Your benefit: the wheels are always within the active area without undue effort of the operator and the driver.

Less maintenance…longer lasting!

Your benefit: the scales are more time in operation and you save time and money with unnecessary repairs.

Less or any challenges in court…more reliability!

Your benefit: Less complicated to get a local approval.

Less height profile…needs shorter levelling material!

Your benefit: small storage volume needed.

Less height profile…makes easier to drive on!

Your benefit: The drivers will have no excuses to drive on the scales.

Less height profile…avoids load shift!

Your benefit: more accuracy with less efforts.

Less damaged roads…using scales with full contact!

Your benefit: no damages and accurate weighing on any pavement surface.

Less reading errors…assure reliable measurement!

Your benefit: no reading errors, reliable measurement.

Less damages due overloads...longer lasting!

Your benefit: save time and money avoiding unnecessary repairs.

Less or no charging time…longer operation!

Your benefit: no wasting time with long and repeated charging.

Less or no cables...faster set up!

Your benefit: save time by set up and money with accessories.

Less resolution…makes more sense!

Your benefit: reliable measurement results.

Less interfaces…but more connectivity!

Your benefit: freedom of choice.